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We offer businesses the safety and assurance that we are fully covered by a leading Canadian Insurance company. Our clients can feel safe and secure that we have the right commercial insurance policies in order to protect them from any stress or undue situations where it may be required. This includes coverage’s like General Liability Insurance as well as Office contents, Cyber Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance so that our clients are fully protected.

Auto Insurance When Visiting Clients

We are diligent about incorporating the best risk management techniques in order to meet stringent risk protocols and capability. This is to ensure that no we will not damage our clients property or more importantly their data. This also includes our Insurance Coverage when we are visiting a client on site, including our own personal high risk auto insurance coverage’s that make sure that when we are visiting our clients they are absolutely certain that we come not just fully prepared but also secure in case something that can go wrong on the trip. We make sure that all of our clients rest easy at night with all of the types of Insurance that we have purchased.

The Right Insurance Coverage For B89

Our capability allows us to provide our clients massive discounts because are known for not only delivery amazing work, but also with the ability to fully ensure the results. This type of insurance is called Errors and Omissions Insurance. That means that if we make a mistake we have Insurance for that! We can make things right and make our clients whole again but talking to our Insurance Company and using our Business Insurance policy to help pay for any of our clients losses or inadvertent trouble. This is the right approach to dealing with any business to business client relationship and can guarantee a form of indemnity on us and our customers whom may have customers of their own.

Our Clients Trust Us

Our trust is earned by the work that we do, and we work hard to make sure that our results are always amazing, but sometimes accidents happen, and things happen that our outside of our control. When things like that occur you can rest assured that we have the right types of Business Insurance Policies to make our customers right. That is our promise and we have always been able to deliver on our promises! Let us show you how we can design and build the right website for you business with the right people and process. Not only can we do all that but we do it protected with an Insurance Policy that can’t be beat. Contact us today!